Encompass Supply Solutions Staff have proudly been serving the central valley and greater Bay Area for over 2 decades. They ensure you with the best selection, quality products and on time delivery to their consumers who have grown to demand and deserve. They help the entrepreneurs to attain financial freedom faster by massively reducing their taxes ethically and legally.      

Rapidly growing their automotive maintenance supply products in lubricants and solvents as well as truck and car wash products. Working on all the aspects of sourcing, testing, speccing and pricing of maintenance of supply products from Food Sanitation Chemical products, to fasteners  to Janitorial and safety products.

Absorbents are typically used to clean up spills in repair shops. Absorbent material can be granular  or made of foam. Absorbent foam pads can be used to absorb spilled oil and then pressed to remove the oil so the pad can be reused. Absorbent books or pigs can be used to reduce the amount of absorbent material needed for cleanup by initially diking the spill. Absorbent usage can be reduced by practicing good housekeeping procedures such as the use of drip pans, funnels, and detection and repair of leaks.

Some of the absorbents by us :-

  • 5 GL Spill Kit, Hazmat                   
  • 50 GL Spill Kit
  • Pallet Ramp           
  • 4 Drum Containment Pallet
  • 2 Drum Containment Pallet              
  • 1 Drum COntainment Pallet
  • Fleece Rags, 25lb
  • Floor stand, Jumbo roll     
  • Solvent blue, Jumbo roll



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